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What is GoSafe?

GoSafe is the new mobile personal emergency response system (PERs) from Philips Lifeline. Designed for individuals in search of an easy-to-use medical alert system that provides access to help whether at home or on the go, GoSafe delivers innovative fall detection capabilities as well as a comprehensive suite of locating technologies. GoSafe can help provide seniors and the elderly with a sense of confidence to continue to get the most out of life.


In many ways, it operates just like any other Philips Lifeline medical alert system. A push of the button will place a call to a trained response associate, who can then call for first responders or contact a friend or family member in an emergency.

Philips Lifeline designed this system to ensure seniors have access to the medical alert devices they depend on no matter if they’re at home or on the go. This system seamlessly switches back and forth between a traditional system and a mobile system without any action needed from the user. It even includes state-of-the-art fall detection capabilities, which automatically call for assistance any time a fall is detected.

A mobile personal emergency response system ensures that you can always call for help from your medical alert system, no matter if you are at home or away. As baby boomers age, they’re remaining more active than the generations of seniors before them. With a system such as Philips Lifeline GoSafe, you can continue to do all the activities you love without worrying about how to handle an emergency situation.