Nunn’s Provides the Sleep Therapy You Need With the Service You Deserve!

We carry a wide variety of machines, masks, and accessories!

sleep therapy
  • All set-ups are performed by Registered Respiratory Therapists in a private fitting area.
  • We carry a full line of state-of-the-art machines and masks.
  • Clinical follow-up is provided to assist you with problems.
  • Annual free pressure checks
  • Educational information provided on sleep apnea and treatment.
  • Compliance and equipment needs assessed on a regular basis.
  • Full-line of CPAP accessories including cleaning supplies, nasal gels, CPAP pillows, and hose covers.

Now that you have the right equipment, how do you keep it clean? 

Consider checking out the SoClean 2, a machine that completely sanitizes and disinfects your CPAP mask, hose, and reservoir without needing to take any pieces apart! It also does not require water or any messy chemicals!

Want to test out before buying? 

Have Nunn’s completely sanitize your machine with our SoClean unit. Drop your unit off and within 3 hours, stop back to pick it up. If you like the results, ask for details on purchasing your own!