Urologicals & Ostomy

If you experience incontinence know that you are not alone; annually, millions of people in the United States are affected by urinary incontinence. While incontinence is not a problem to be taken lightly, do not deny yourself the freedom to enjoy an active social life because of worry and embarrassment about potential leakage. 

Here at Nunn’s Home Medical Equipment we provide you with several methods for the management and treatment of urinary incontinence, all of which are designed to allow you comfort, security, and the freedom to live life with peace of mind.

We can offer you a large variety of options. Whether you need drain bags, catheters, tubing, clamps, connectors, lubricants or incontinence supplies we've have what you need.



Poor Incontinence care has many adverse effects. It can lead to skin breakdown, dehydration, falls, embarrassment, and low self-esteem.

Effective incontinence management requires use of the best type and size product for each individual situation, good skin care, and proper application. 

The type of protective product you use should depend on the type and severity of incontinence you suffer, your overall physical and mental condition, and your normal activity level. Choosing the right size product is just as important as using the right type of product. 


We also provide a wide range of quality incontinence management products:

External Catheters
Intermittent Catheters
Indwelling Catheters
Catheter Trays
Irrigation Tray
Leg Straps
Leg Bags
Protective Underwear
Incontinent Briefs
Bladder Control Pads
Guards for men
Bedside Drainage Bags
Lubricating Jelly
Tubing and Connectors
Adhesive and Adhesive Removers
Cleaners and Deodorants
Reusable pull-on incontinent pants with elastic waist and leg
Slip on washable absorbent pantry – for light bladder care
Reusable and disposable under-pads for beds and chairs
Protective bedding  

Factors that can contribute to or cause incontinence include: 

Low fluid intake
Estrogen depletion
Pelvic muscle weakness
High impact physical activities
Multiple vaginal delivery pregnancies

While we are here to service your supply needs we do suggest speaking to your doctor about appropriate treatment options if you believe you suffer from incontinence.